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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Warning: Vagina Talk! But it could be helpful...

Have you ever heard of a menstruation cup? Mama cloth? I have found that a lot of people have no idea what these things are. A menstruation cup is a small flexible cup that you insert into your vagina to collect the menstruation blood. Mama cloth is simply a cloth pad. Neither is a new concept. Some cultures had women sit on a large cup for the entirety of their period, others used natural sea sponges, others used cloth. We have developed disposable everything, so it's not surprising that we have one for our periods.
Disposable options are not always the best choice. Personally, I react to them. I also don't like to use disposable pads and tampons because of the chemicals and the insane amount of trash that they cause.

When I first heard about the Diva cup, my first thought was, "You want me to put that where?"

Then I researched it. Researched some more. And a little more for good measure.

Then I bought one, and waited. I'm still breastfeeding Britches, so I hadn't had my first postpartum period at the time. While I waited, I made some more mama cloth too. I used cloth during my postpartum bleeding, but it was more of a "Hey, I am having a bad reaction to these pads, let me whip up something that will work temporarily." I sew cloth diapers all the time, so mama cloth was a piece of cake. I knew from the reaction I had to postpartum pads that disposable would not be an option for me long term. Oddly enough, I hadn't had a regular period since conceiving Tater (who is now 8). The pad/tampon thing had not been an issue for a long time.

I waited and waited. Then on Britches' first Birthday (how's that for timing?), Aunt Flo came to town.

I tried the Diva cup with a mama cloth liner. It is... weird. When I first put it in, it was a very different sensation. It has a learning curve. Most people seem to make leaks their first couple of days, until they figure out how to place it. Mine was pretty easy, I just popped it in. In the directions it will tell you to turn it, I didn't. I tried, but quickly figured out that wasn't going to happen. It worked perfectly. No leaks. By the end of the first day, that "weird" sensation was gone, and I was a convert.

Taking it out is really not any harder than removing a tampon, or Ben Wa balls. Every 12 hours I took it out, emptied it, washed it with mild soap, and popped it back in. Worked like a charm.

I loved the mama cloth too. I tried just that for a day, and it worked perfectly. I used the same materials I use to make soakers for cloth diapers. I topped one with a wicking material (pulls moisture through it) for a stay dry feeling. The other I made with all natural absorbent materials. Both felt great, so much better than disposables.

I would highly recommend the Diva cup and mama cloth to anyone.

I have to share a chuckle too. Grizzly acted completely grossed out talking about the cup for the first time. He even made a face. We talk about everything, so it is totally normal for us to discuss my cycle. I swear, he knew it better than I did when we were trying to conceive. I asked if he'd rather I used disposable, and his tune did a 180. He said, "No, I love that you use these. It's natural, better for you, no trash, and the best part: it's cheaper!" He's 100% behind me using the cup and cloth, even if it is largely due to financial reasons. He is even willing to do the laundry, now that's love...

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  1. I have been looking at the cup for sooooo long. I'm so glad to hear a real person's thoughts on it. Thank you!


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